5 reasons to study Spanish in Cordoba, Argentina

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Do you want to travel to learn or improve your Spanish and is in doubt amid the MANY options? We will give you 5 reasons why you should include Cordoba on your next language immersion trip.

The incredible historical and cultural heritage.

Córdoba is a city rich in museums, festivals, theaters … you can even go to one of the few places in Argentina declared World Heritage, the Manzana and the Jesuit Stations, registered by Unesco in 2000. This means that in addition to practicing Spanish, you can learn a little bit more about the rich history of Cordoba and delight yourself in a cultural and historical tour.

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2- The “Cordobesa” food

Argentine food is, by itself, wonderful. When you go to Cordoba, you can enjoy artisan food, especially if you visit the small villas of German and Italian descent, such as Villa General Belgrano (which is a miniature of Germany!) Or Colonia Caroya. Salamis, cheeses, breads, pies, wines, jellies … 

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3- Villa Carlos Paz

Villa Carlos Paz

The city of Villa Carlos Paz is one of the most  popular destinations for Argentines. A cute little town in the middle of the hills with many tourist activities, Carlos Paz is a city that should be in the script of anyone who wants to visit Cordoba. It is possible to do several radical activities such as abseiling, diving, climbing, fishing, mountain biking, etc. Also, the night in the city is very lively with bars and restaurants 🙂

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Take a trip up to the clouds!

Have you thought about going up to the clouds? A walk along the Camino de las Altas Cumbres can take you to them! As you walk along the path, you will see breathtaking landscapes, as you will have a view of the entire Cordoba hills. A unique landscape that makes you feel in the clouds, literally!

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The accent from Cordoba

You may have heard of the Buenos Aires accent, but perhaps you have never heard a Cordoba native speaking in his unmistakable accent. The Cordobes tune is so famous that it is possible to recognize a Cordoba from afar! Some say that the accent is similar to the Chilean one, since both pronounce the words with quite similarity. The Cordovan tends to lengthen the words, prolonging the sound of the vowel present in the syllable before the tonic syllable. Hard to understand? Yeah, I think you’ll have to listen to it with your own ears!

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Here is the list of courses we have in Cordoba: click here !

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