Cost of living in Buenos Aires

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When you arrive in a new country, the cost of everyday life is one of the first things one starts to think: is it expensive? economic ? Equivalent to our country ?

In Argentina, the various political and financial events have considerably modified the prices of everyday items (food, transport, leisure …). The instability of the Argentine pesos and inflation are a constant and this is why we will update this article regularly. At the moment this article is written, that is to say August 2017, the exchange rate is 1 USD = 17.2179 Argentine pesos,  we present to you the prices of different products that can serve you during your stay.

A few years ago Argentina’s cost of living was much cheaper than most Western European countries, but the situation has evolved and today these prices tend to be closer to those found on the other side of the Atlantic. In Buenos Aires, the capital, prices increased even more than in other provincial cities.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, the prices we have listed are those of a standard supermarket in the center of Buenos Aires, but it also means that out of the city, prices can be much less significant.


Fruits and vegetables

Let’s take a look at the food price and especially the fruits and vegetables. Using the tables below, you will be able to see the average cost per product. Of course, depending on the season, prices may also vary.

In general, fruits and vegetables are have the same prices as the ones in Europe, so you´ll have no excuses for not eating healthy on your trip to Argentina! Let yourself be tempted by some exotic fruits present in some stalls of the city!

Meat and fish

Argentina maintains the reputation of the best meat producing country in the world. And we personally agree with that! Here are the prices of the kilograms you can find in Buenos Aires:

For these products above, prices are generally lower than those usually found in Europe, except perhaps for sausages. However, the difference is not very obvious.

Others products

As for dairy products, you will find the liter of milk for 25 pesos (1.45 USD) in the hypermarkets of the capital and the liter of yoghurt with brick fruit is currently 50 pesos (about 2.90 USD) . Cheeses are logically more expensive on the spot: the kilogram of Gruyère is worth 270 pesos (15,67 USD), the port-salut 165 pesos (9,58 USD) and a bag of grated Parmesan of 20g costs 64 pesos (3,72 USD) approximately.

For drinks, the bottle of Coca-Cola of 1.5L is sold in suppermarket for 42 pesos (2,44 USD), which corresponds approximately to the price of most soft drinks. As for beer, it is generally sold in bottles of 1L: the bottle of Quilmes (Argentine beer) costs 46 pesos (2,67 USD) but the prices of the beers depend very much on their quality and their provenance.

The ideal thing in Argentina is to enjoy the evening out for a drink or a restaurant. It is an opportunity to socialize, especially in the lively streets of the capital. At the price level, you can easily find pints of beer for 100 pesos (5,81 USD) and dinner in local restaurants type asados ​​for less than 200 pesos (11,61 USD) per person. You just need to find the perfect address!

If you are curious and would like to see the prices currently applied in one of the big supermarkets of the city, we invite you to look at the site of COTO.


The cost of transport is cheap in Buenos Aires, with regard to buses and metro the price is between 6 and 7 pesos (0,35 USD and 0,41 USD) for a journey.

The train depends on the destination, but its price remains reasonable compared with many other capitals. On the other hand, there is little long distance line and the travel time can be extense. Long distance buses are the most developed network to travel in Argentina. Prices vary according to season and destination.

Regarding cars, by not talking about insurance and the cost of buying a car overpriced, fuel is quite expensive too. The price of a liter of gasoline in Argentina is between 18 and 22 pesos (1.04 USD  to 1.28 USD) depending on the period and the city.

For the taxi in Buenos Aires and the big cities, the government has set up tariff rules. The minimum starting amount of the trip is 27.70 pesos (1.60 USD), then accumulates the cost of 2.77 pesos (0.16 USD) for every 200 meters traveled or minute waiting without moving. These costs increase by 20% on the value of the trip for the night rate, between 10 pm and 6 am.


TechnologyAs for buying clothes, shoes and fashion accessories in Buenos Aires, pay attention to the wallet, it is a rather expensive city. Prices are even higher in provincial cities. Prices are quite high, even very high, if you go to the luxurious shopping centers of Palermo, Recoleta, Abasto or the Microcentro. You can find inexpensive shops on Florida Street or on the side of Once. The quality however can be to deplore!

For technology, the costs are excessive too. A basic Android phone is worth at least 2000 pesos (116,18 USD) and up to 33 500 pesos (1945,93 USD) for an Iphone7. We therefore pass on to you the details of all the overpriced prices of technological articles that you can appreciate for yourself on the site of Garbarino.



Let us return to the positive aspects of the cost of living in Argentina: cultural life is very active and really accessible! Indeed, many activities are free or with a very attractive price: cultural centers and free museums, concerts, shows, theaters …
For the sport also living in Argentina is rather an interesting option, since we note that the price of a subscription to a gym, very widespread here in Argentina, is 480 pesos (27,88 USD) minimum. The average of a subscription is 700 pesos (40,66 USD) monthly with unlimited access to sports facilities + group lessons. Of course it depends on the neighborhood, the equipment available and all the options offered by the gym.
There you go ! We have presented to you the cost of living in Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires. These prices will change over time and according to the price of the Argentine peso (in August 2017, 1 USD corresponds to about 17.2151 ARS). We hope that this little summary will have been useful to you!

We forgot something? So do not hesitate to contact us in the comments.

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Immersion in Santiago de Chile

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