Five Travel tips to improve your experience!

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A true traveler understands that although there can be hiccups, a great travel experience is one that allows you to broaden your mind to new experiences!

No matter if your journey lasts one day or several months, we often forget there are key ways in which we can help ourselves make it more rewarding, so let’s take a look at a few helpful tips to make sure your travels go off without a hitch!

  •      Knowing a few helpful phrases while traveling is always beneficial, even more beneficial is if you have the time to attend some classes at a language school. A few helpful phrases can mean the difference from getting lost to managing your way, for example in Germany to be able to say “ Wo ist…?” or “Where is…” or in Colombia to be able to respond to a waiters  incredible food suggestions with “Chevre!” “Cool”. 
  •     Now raise your hand if you miscalculated the distance from the airport to the world renowned touristic spot and then missed your flight? Knowing your entry and  exit into any city is always useful and allows you to estimate the time needed to arrive and depart from a city. Likewise understanding the local transportation is key for any traveler, especially if you choose not to take a taxi, the local transit will definitely “save you money”.
  •     Get acquainted with the touristic or non-touristic places you wish to visit so that you can narrow them down to your favorite places. Since it will be impossible to go, see, and eat everything, it’s always better to map out each destination beforehand,  it maximizes the time you have in each destination.
  •     The food and beverages of  a region are a great way to get an in depth view of what the locals are eating and drinking, for instance eating pork ribs in Tennessee, a Mediterranean diet in Greece or in Ghana eating fufu with your hands. Additionally, it never hurts to see if there are any food fairs showcasing local cuisine.
  •     Lastly, be prepared for the unexpected and relax! The ability to say that you have taken part in a full moon party in Thailand or seen carnival in Colombia means that you have likely traveled a decent amount and are open to experiences that come your way, so keep an open mind because your journey will surely take you to a place worth traveling to.

Some say that millennials see travel as a way to check of their list of their destinations, while older generations view travel as a way to escape. Regardless for your reason for traveling you will expand your ability to see the world from a different perspective, just make sure you try organize yourself before.

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