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Coined has a new learning option specifically designed for all the winter sport lovers who also want to learn spanish.  The goal is to improve  language skills at all levels and provide an unique opportunity to learn and have fun!


It includes:

  • Spanish Placement Test
  • Spanish Course
  • Welcome Packet
  • Support and Recommendations
  • Weekly tours and recreational  activity calendars
  • Certificate
  • 24/7 emergency telephones
  • Access to telephones and texts (at a low cost)
  • Access to Internet (free or at a low cost)
  • COINED tutoring
  • Coffee, milk, cold or hot water.


Number of students per class: reduced groups (7-8 students per class)

Classes per week: 16 group classes+ 2 private classes+2 transfer services from/to the ski station+ 2 ski passes between week /weekend

Duration of classes: 1 class- 55 minutes.

Minimum duration: 1 week

Levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced.

Locations: Argentina ( Bariloche, Mendoza)

Chile (Santiago)


Contact us to know more about prices and taxes!


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