Learn spanish while dancing!

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Are you a dance fan or just curious about knowing a little bit more about the country you´re about to travel to? If you wish to have a cultural immersion while dancing, we have the perfect course for you! Courconnect offers you immersion programs that include dance classes!

Why a spanish + dance course is a good option

Associating a language school with a dance course will allow you to meet people who share the same interests than you. You could even go to dance classes at night to dance with native people and practice your spanish with them.

Learning the traditional and folk dances will allow you to  comprehend the history and culture of the  country. The argentinian tango will invite you to discover the popular “milongas” that take place at Buenos Aires bars, the salsa, this contemporary and exciting kind of dance, will invite you to the Latin America and Spain dancefloors and the flamenco will offer you amazing live shows.

Learn spanish and argentinian tango

This program will offer you the possibility of discovering the argentinian tango while learning spanish. It has 20 grupal spanish courses and 8 tango classes. You can take this course in 2 argentinian schools: one in Buenos Aires and the other one in Mendoza, in the border with Chile.

28 hours of intensive spanish course+ tango classes from 280 dollars.

Click here to choose between the available schools 

Learn spanish and salsa

This program is designed for all the levels of spanish and salsa. One of its main characteristics is to offer the possibility of combining many interrests and acquire specific salsa techniques by learning spanish at the same time, besides having a good time with other students. You can take this course in three argentinian schools: Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Mendoza.

28h of intensive spanish course plus salsa course per 1 week from 308.75 dollars

Click here to choose between the available schools

Learn spanish and flamenco

If you dream about learning flamenco in Spain, this program is for you. Practice your spanish while taking a flamenco dance course in one of the dance centers. Two spanish schools offer this program: one in Grenada and the other one in Jerez de la Frontera. There are two package courses plus dances and you can choose the intensity: 12h or 25h per week.

12 spanish courses plus flamenco course per 1 week from 212 dollars. Click here to see!

Other spanish schools offer extra activities related to dance and music, dance courses, dance shows, concerts…so it is possible to practice spanish and dance at the same time, you just need to choose the perfect school in the perfect country.

REMEMBER! This article was written in  July, 2017. Prices are subject to modification according to  school taxes and policies.

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