Escuela FU TENERIFE NORTE: Reviews + Hashtag

Los estudiantes eligieron los siguientes tres Hashtag para describir el FU TENERIFE NORTE: #BuenasVibraciones #BuenasVibras #Familiar

¡Usted puede leer las reseñas del estudiante y ver si la escuela podría ser suya!

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Hi guys ! My name is Céline, I am french and I speak French (of course!), English, Spanish and a little bit of German. I am member of the Courconnect team and I would like to share with you my experience in Argentina and all around the World. I love travel, meet new persons, discover new culture, taste new foods and drinks...! I am passionate about dance and I like challenges, such as learn a new language in a new country, what I did when I traveled to Argentina in 2005 :) I hope you can find a lot of informations in this blog to make your dream real : travel, enjoy and learn ! Don't hesitate to comment posts, it will be a pleasure to answer to you. Bye !! Céline 

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Fotografía: Ente de Turismo del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

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