Expanish Buenos Aires ‘Star Program’: Spanish & Culture classes

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In order to get to know a country really well it is important, of course, to understand that country’s culture. Expanish has a program that we think is great for anyone that wants to really get to know the culture of Argentina, it’s a combined ‘packet’ of language classes and lessons on art, history and literature and is our Star Program today.

The course consists of 20 hours of regular group classes and 4 individual cultural classes of that allow students to discover the culture of Latin America through the analysis and study of art, literature, history, and traditions of the region. The course focuses on the most important cultural aspects related to Latin America in general and Argentina specifically, and students will be able to choose from four different modules which will each focus on a different theme.

The culture classes are divided into 4: Spanish language and customs, Art and Architecture, History and Literature, Culture and Civilisation.

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