Madrid, the perfect capital to learn Spanish in Spain

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A great opportunity to discover the capital of Spain. If you want to travel and learn spanish, we recommend you take a trip to Madrid ! We´ll give you some tips to visit Madrid and enjoy your immersion trip!

General informations of Madrid

In Madrid, Spanish is the only official language and the accent is very clear and easy to understand. Well, are you ready to learn or improve your spanish here ? See all the school and courses at the end of this post!

Madrid is located at the center of the country, that´s why it is  easy to travel to the most popular cities in Spain : Barcelone, Valence, Malaga, Séville… The trips are cheaper if you travel by bus or if you book a flight in advance !

Madrid weather

Madrid has a continental climate. In winter, the temperatures are cold with blue skies and low rainfall. In spring and fall, the weather is nice and with a temperature of 25°C (77°F) in average. Madrid in summer is very hot and sunny, 35°C (95°F) in average and very humid

Activities on Madrid

If you like tourism activities, you can visit the Royal Palace and its gardens, the Plaza Mayor and the city’s history. The city of Madrid is the right place to be ! We recommend you take a walk in the dowtonwn part of the city and have a good time.

You can find a lot of art and  touristic sites. There you´ll be able to visit the Prado and Reina Sofia museums, discover all the galleries and exhibitions and buy tickets to a flamenco show. The city  has a lot of museums for you to discover: “Museo del Prado”, “Museo Thyssen”, “Museo Reina Sofía”…, We assure you won´t get bored !

If you like football, you need to visit Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium !  You can  also practice yoga in the Retiro park and go biking and  jogging.

The Nightlife is an essential part of the city,  you can always go out to bars and night clubs. Yes, in Madrid they go out every day of the week , so don’t be lasy, just enjoy it !

Now let´s talk about the food: you can enjoy the traditional menu for less than 12 euros, taste chocolate with churros, try tapas and wines in bars.

Spanish courses in Madrid

Courconect has 7 partner schools in Madrid. You can book the course you want in any of these schools:

If you wish to see all destinations in Spain, you can visit our Courconnect platform HERE


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