A.B.L.E Córdoba’s Star Program: Volunteering Internships

One of A.B.L.E Spanish’s “star programs” is the volunteer or internship programs. They offer participants  the opportunity to work in a few selected companies or do social work in kindergartens, schools, hospitals or in any organisation or institution that needs help.

This allows students to gain valuable experience working in different sectors and offers them the opportunity to use their Spanish learnt in the classroom in a real life situation. This tends to be challenging but also very rewarding as, of course, with lots of practice their spoken language becomes better very quickly.

This month they had one of the best volunteers they have ever received in ABLE. Her name is Taale, she is from Germany and she volunteered in one of our social care projects called “Forchieri Day Care Center”. Apart from doing an excellent job with the kids there, she also engaged in many extra activities, e.g. she danced with a dance company during carnival, she also travelled around the country, made a lot of new friends and everyone at A.B.L.E is going to miss her. 

In this video Taale speaks to us about her experiences at Forchieri Day Care Center and what she got up to; in very good Spanish!

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