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Volunteering in Buenos Aires – #WeConnect #WeAccept


We are looking for volunteers to join the Volunteer Refugee Programme affiliated with Courconnect and Argentina Exchange.

At Courconnect our mission is to bring cultures together and connect people through language. Working alongside Argentina Exchange -a service provider and consultancy for foreigners that arrive in Buenos Aires- we understand that the primary and principal barrier for those that arrive at a new place is the LANGUAGE. We think that refugees are perhaps the most affected as they are the ones that have been forced to leave their homes, arriving at a new destination with a completely different culture from their own.

The Refugee Programme is aimed at helping refugees from non Spanish-speaking countries; principally those from Syria, Turkey, Haiti and Senegal.

Principal objectives of the programme:
· Create and offer subsidised Spanish courses to refugees in our partner schools.
· Develop activities to help integrate with locals and bring better understanding of Argentine life.
· Develop a cultural ‘integration day’ for refugee families

There are loads of ways to get involved with our project, from strategic planning, management and coordination of activities, graphic design, broadcasting of the programme on social media, media and general press. Creation of activities and raising funding. The idea is to work together and as a team bring the project to fruition.

The ideal candidate is someone with an open mind, with an interest in the cause and an understanding of other cultures. A person that infects the team with positive energy; that is proactive, creative and reliable, with the capacity to work both within a team as well as independently.

Argentinian or Foreigner, perfect English and advanced Spanish.
Willing to commit at least 9 hours a week for a minimum period of one month

They will attend three weekly volunteer meetings in the offices in Palermo Soho. The minimum attendance is one weekly meeting and to commit to completing the tasks that are assigned to each team member. Those that have more time available are able to collaborate with the project Monday to Friday from the office.

For more information or details, send an email to hola@courconnect.com and tell us about yourself, if you are in Buenos Aires, your motivations and whether you have any doubts. We will read each email and respond as soon as possible but be patient it may take us a few days! Applications open until 17th of February

**If you are in another Spanish speaking country and you would like to help with a project in conjunction with us we would love to hear from you too.

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