La verdadera razón por la que estoy aprendiendo español – Steve Leveen

The first thing I do when people ask me why I’m studying Spanish is gaze off into space. I have to force myself to give some sort of answer before it gets awkward.

On one level, my answer is easy, for I share the reasons most people have for learning another language: to understand more of the world, to open opportunities, to live another life.

But for me, now learning my second language in midlife, there’s more to it. Maybe it’s what comes over people at a certain age—like a thirst to return to their homeland, or sit down at a piano, or pick up a paintbrush. My thirst, I’ve come to realize, goes back to my childhood and coming of age in San Diego. Remembering these early years brings up memories of roads open but not taken, of one life passed over for another.
This is how I remember it…

Steve Leveen escribió un artículo en Medium con sus razones para aprender español. Tenés dudas? O crees que tus clases de español todavía no dieron sus frutos?

Lee acá el artículo completo:



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